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Moving a vehicle

If you’re looking to move a vehicle, Monmouthshire Trailer Hire have a range of Car Transporter Trailers available.

Our Car Transporter Trailers are available for single day, short term and long term hire from our easily accessible hire centre just outside of Chepstow, Monmouthshire. We have a range of Transporter Trailers ranging in size with our maximum being 17’x7’ that has a tilt, a low loader and winch. These Trailers can be hired for a variety of tasks, our range gives you the flexibility to hire exactly what you need….We supply you with the newest of transporters, why buy when you can hire for less.

In addition to vehicle trailers, we provide a range of models to suit other requirements. Click here to see our full product range.

Products & Pricing

The CT136 is the lightest car transporter with a bed size of 4m length x 1.64m width. Click here for product specification and hire pricing.

Our CT177 is a heavy-duty car transporter, ideal for carrying light commercials, large or small cars with a bed size of 5m length x 1.89m wide. Click here for product specification and hire pricing.

The LM146 benefits from a 4.26m long x 1.82m width bed, has removable sides, ramps and winch which makes it easier for loading vehicles. Click here for product specification and hire pricing.

Top Tips

Not sure if you can tow this trailer? How do I connect the trailer to my vehicle? Click here to find out the answers to these questions and much more in our FAQ section.