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Why Hire?

We provide a wide range of trailers and roofboxes, suited for a variety of applications. Not sure which is best suited for you? We've put together this handy guide to help you select the right trailer for you.

I've bought something online and need to get it

You've trawled facebook, online selling listings, gumtree and ebay. You've found the perfect piece of furniturebut need to get it.

Moving a vehicle

If you’re looking to move a vehicle, Monmouthshire Trailer Hire have a range of Car Transporter Trailers available.

Motorbike Transportation

At Monmouthshire Trailer Hire we have trailers designed specifically for transporting motorcycles.

Thule roofbox

Going on holiday and need a little extra space?

Going camping, skiing, or just need to take that extra bit of luggage? We offer roofboxes too.

Moving House

Moving house and need a trailer? We have a variety available to hire.

Going to the recycling centre

Spring clean? If you need to run errands with some bulky materials, our single day or short rental trailer hire is ideal.

Moving Building Materials

Construction project underway? We have trailers that are ideal for moving construction material from supplier to site.

Transporting a ride on mower or quad bike

Quad bikes, sit on mower and small farm machinery can easily be moved with our range of trailers for small machines.

Transporting Products for commercial use?

Products or plants that need to be moved? Running a commercial stand or market stall? Our trailers are ideal.

I Need a number plate

We can provide number plate printing on site.

Free Ratchet Straps

Free Ratchet Straps with every trailer hire.